Student Zones, Los Angeles Public Library

Student Zones, Los Angeles Public Library


CG+A completes a series of dedicated spaces, "Student Zones" for teens and children within 10 branches of the Los Angeles Public Library. 

Funded by The Library Foundation of Los Angeles, “Student Zones” provide furniture, computers and trained personnel to aid students academically after school. The project included creating the spatial concept, architectural elements, environmental graphics, and furniture.

Cory Grosser says “Designing the Student Zones was a unique opportunity to introduce students of all socio-economic groups to design at a relatively young age. We branded the student zone areas “The Quad” - a play on the quadrangle common on college campuses and the quadrilateral or four-sided polygon. The design premise was simple - more students will participate in the Student Zone program if the students feel that it’s a cool place to be.” 

Since the budget for the 10 branches was tight, the studio created a “kit of parts” whereby each branch was given the same items, but they were arranged in different ways depending on the context of each branch. Working with Library staff, CGDS determined the best location for the student zones and then used computer modeling to develop different configurations. Each kit included two architectural frames, a rug, signage, a large table with six chairs, a laptop bar with three stools, two sofas, ottomans, a pull-up table, and a lounge chair. Some of the furniture was custom designed for the space including the tables and the sofas. The furniture is based on the studio’s current research into workplace design. For example, work does not only happen while sitting down typing at a desk. The “Quad” accommodates various postures from lying down on the rug to standing beside the laptop bar. Homework is not always about writing a term paper, but it’s also about collaborating with your friends or snuggling up to read a good book. The Quad facilitates all of this and leverages design for a greater educational good. 

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