Disney iD8, Anaheim CA

Disney iD8, Anaheim CA


Creative Inc. is an internal creativity and innovation agency within the Walt Disney corporation. In early 2013, they commissioned Cory Grosser Design + Strategy to design and implement the first of several innovation studios.

Dubbed iD8 Studio West, the space is a creative workplace available to the entire Disney organization as long as their activities are geared towards innovation. 

The branded room acts as both a functional brainstorming zone and as a casual area for contemplation and creative thinking. The goal of ID8 Studio is to create a specialized area that ignites creativity and collaboration for Disney employees. iD8 is housed within a more traditional workplace so it was essential that the studio be disruptive enough to spark creativity yet be warm and inviting to users new to the creative process. Flexible furniture quickly accommodates ever-changing activities and groups of all sizes.

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