BuzziMood Wins HiP Award at Neocon! Featured on Design Milk

We're excited to share that our latest collaboration with BuzziSpace won a HiP Award at Neocon last month in Chicago! BuzziMood is a unique system of panels that utilize the natural sound absorbing qualities of reindeer moss to reduce noise in the office while also adding a mood-enhancing biophilic element to any space. So what is reindeer moss? It is actually a living moss, found on the forest floor, that is incredibly slow-growing, drought-resistant, and cold-resistant. The moss utilized to make BuzziMood doesn't require watering or trimming.  Think of it as the most low-maintenance green wall ever.


The shapes that make up the BuzziMood system are a combination of clean geometry with nature-inspired curves, intended to give designers the freedom to create limitless layouts from a handful of panels that look great together or on their own. The metal frame comes powder-coated in bold colors for even more ways to customize. BuzziMood will be available to order in October. Stay tuned!

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Cory Grosser